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Published by 


Long Beach, Mississippi 

AUGUST, 1968 

Vol. 42 

No. 3 


Editor-in-Chief Amy Strong 

Assistant Editor Helen Turner 

Staff Members: 

Cheryl Amyx 
Lee Ann Caldwell 
Nancy Carson 
Cathy Collins 
Karen Doyle 
Joy Dunn 
Phyllis Garner 
Elizabeth Gilmer 
Kathy Grady 

Alumnae Staff 

Dora Hill 
Lucy Johnson 
Julie Jones 
Deborah O'Daniel 
Pam Podger 
Polly Ritter 
Martha Russell 
Germaine Schanzmeyer 
Ginger Woodside 

Mrs. Loleta Clinton 

Mrs. Mary Lou Heath 


First of all I would like to express our sincere appreciation to 
those of you who have already contributed to the Richard G. Cox Fund. 
(See list below). Our goal for this project is $500,000 and to date we 
have had only $1350 contributed or pledged. The largest contribution 
came from Dr. Cox, himself, who left $65,000. We hope that you have 
just delayed sending in your gift and that it is now in the mail. 

Secondly, I would like to mention some of the improvements which 
have been made in the plant this year. This summer we are renovat- 
ing ten rooms in Hardy, second floor North. We are refurnishing the 
second and third floor smokers in Lloyd Hall. We are razing the old 
Music Building (the two-story green building on front campus) and 
moving the music facilities to Dr. Cooke's old house (next to the swim- 
ming pool), which was the Panhellenic house. The sororities will have 
their offices in the modern building adjacent to the game-courts on 
back campus. We have acquired three new horses which will improve 
our riding program. We have air-conditioned the Art Studio. We are in 
the process of purchasing a nine-passenger Volkswagen bus to be 
used for transportation of students to Huckleberry Hill and special 
functions. The Board also approved the purchase of a new pick-up 
truck and a large tractor which will help us in our work toward main- 
taining our campus' natural beauty. The hallways and classrooms in 
the academic-administrative area have been completely re-done. 

With the increased cost of living the above-mentioned modifica- 
tions and additions have increased the cost of education of each in- 
dividual student. May I encourage you again, if you have not already 
contributed to the Alumnae Fund at Gulf Park PLEASE do so — 
We need your help. 

$500.00or more: 

Mrs. Patrick L. Schanzmeyer 
$100.00 or more: 

Mrs. Dan Bottrell (Lillian 
Simpson, '28) 

Mrs. Beverly DuBose, Jr. 
(Frances Woodruff, '38) 

Mrs. M. M. Swaim (Alice John- 
ston, 1939) 
$50.00 or more: 

Mrs. Ashton M'Crary (Marilyn 
Fountain, '44) 

Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Wood 
(Parents of Norma Jean, '47 
and Patsy, '52, deceased) 
$25.00 or more: 

Mrs. Robert Britigan (Dorothy 
Ryall, '30) 

Mrs. Thomas K. Cooper (Sarah 
Hill, 1927-29) 

Mrs. Thomas Groff (Ann Venz- 

ke, '65) 
Miss Virginia Haile 
Miss Dorothy Milden 
Miss Vida June Moll, '40 
Mrs. June R. Swetman (June 

Read, '23) 
Under $25.00: 

Miss Virginia Alberty, '47 
Mrs. Berwyn J. Binkley (Ber- 

wyn Jervis, 1934-35) 
Miss Ann Marie Burke, '67 
Mrs. Pemberton Cooley, Jr. 

(Margaret Winship, '39) 

Mrs. Ruth DeGamboa 

Mrs. Thomas W. Dougherty 

(Clare Ann Zumwalt, '61) 
Mrs. A. E. Flamer (Clara Mae 
Orcutt, '28) 

Mrs. F. J. Funk (Florrie Guy, 

Miss Nancy Ann Gent, '59 

Mrs. A. G. Greer (Ann Bald- 
win, '56) 

Mrs. Richard G. Hahn (Jean 
Steinmetz, '48) 

Mrs. W. K. Hartford 

Mrs. Richard Loucks (Clara 
Ruth Miessler, 1948-50) 

Miss Marilynn Martin, 1965- 

Mrs. R. O. Metzler (Emily 
Johnson, 1927) 

Miss Ethel Pearl Mitchell, 

Miss Marcya Puster, '36 

Mrs. Carolyn C. Richardson 

(Carolyn Campbell, '62) 
Miss Charlene Rose, '24 
Mrs. John A. Settle (Louise 

Womack, '64) 
Miss Barbara A. Smith, 1957-58 
Mrs. John E. Thibaut (Carolyn 

Wilbert, '46) 
Mrs. Exna K. Throgmorton 
Mrs. E. B. Tyson (Mother of 

Terry Tyson, 1955-56) 
Mrs. Richard W. Wilson (Cora 

Correll Daniel, 1927) 
Mrs. Lillian Wissmiller 
Mrs. W. C. Woody, Jr. (Pat 

Murphy, '59) 
Mrs. Scott Ziesenis (Betty 

Bailey, 1963) 


Germaine Schanzmeyer 

Graduation services were held at 
Gulf Park College on May 26, 1968. 
Many proud graduates, attired in 
the traditional white formals and 
carrying arm bouquets of red 
roses, stepped onto the threshold 
of a new life. Each graduate's fu- 
ture is now a new challenge to be 
met, but each is prepared through 
her education and the modern 
miracles of the scientific age to 
cope with finding the answers for 
world peace, economic develop- 
ment, and social and political con- 
ditions that need rectifying. 

This was the topic of a most in- 
spiring speech given by Dr. Doak 
S. Campbell, President Emeritus of 
Florida State University at Tal- 
lahassee and consultant with the 
American Research Association. 

Dr. Campbell's chief emphasis 
in his address was placing respon- 
sibilities on the generation repre- 
sented by the 1968 graduates 
throughout the nation. 

He stated that the older gen- 
eration has tried to solve such 
problems as exist today but has 
not been successful. Although a 
large load has been "dumped", so 
to speak, on the shoulders of 
young people, Dr. Campbell said 
that in passing on these problems, 
he knows that the youth of today, 
through their education and the 
fact that they have grown up with 
the problems, have the ability to 
solve them. He concluded with the 

challenge, "I know you can do it, 
and I think you will do it." 

Miss Lee Ann Caldwell, Augus- 
ta, Georgia, graduated with top 
scholastic honors and received the 
Kate Weatherbee Alumnae Cup, 
presented by President William 

Receiving second honors was 
Mrs. Alice Hyde Smith, Long 
Beach, Mississippi; and third hon- 
ors, Miss Charlotte Grist, Blakely, 

The Panhellenic Award and a 
$300 scholarship for first honors 
in the freshman class was a three- 
way tie between Mrs. Karen Rush- 
ton, Iowa; Miss Germaine Schanz- 
meyer, Missouri; and Miss Suzanne 
Scott, Texas. 

Second honors and a $200 schol- 
arship went to Miss Dora Hill, 
Mississippi; third honors and a 
$100 scholarship to Miss Juliet 
Jones, Oklahoma; and fouth hon- 
ors and a $100 scholarship to Mrs. 
Julie Parks Duke, Gulfport. 

Receiving honorable mention for 
students who maintained a grade 
point average not less than 3.5 
were Miss Martha Hoggard, Ark- 
ansas; Miss Brenda Clark, Ala- 
bama; Miss Margaret Gaffey, Kan- 
sas; and Miss Janice Weibel, 

Dean Robert L. Johnson pre- 
sented the candidates for degrees 
and President Sadler awarded the 

Don Christmas, pianist, played 
the traditional processional and re- 
cessional, and the invocation and 
benediction were given by the 
Chaplain James W. Emerson, 
Episcopal minister. 


We are working, 

If only within a temporal 

Some of the things we build 
are massive, 

Others are merely mass. 

Nothing is useless or lost. 

What may seem useless show 
is the strength and sup- 
port behind the rest. 

Our yesterdays, todays, and 
tomorrows are the blocks 
with which we build. 

Let us do our work well, for 
today is built of yester- 
day, and tomorrow is 
built of today. 

And today . . . 
. . . Today! 

Ruth Hodges, 1968 


Miss Amy Strong of Fayette- 
ville, Tennessee, reigned as May 
Queen of Gulf Park College Sat- 
urday evening May 25, in the col- 
lege auditorium where a program 
of entertainment was presented by 
the music, drama, and dance de- 
partments in her honor. She is the 
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie 

President William Sadler pre- 
sented Miss Strong with the May 
Queen's trophy. 

The queen, escorted by her 
father, wore a formal gown of 
white satin brocade designed with 
a low, square back neckline and 
slender skirt which swept to the 
back to form a skirt-like sash. 
She wore a rhinestone crown, long 
white gloves, and carried an arm 
bouquet of American beauty red 

Maids in the court were gowned 
in formal attire and carried old- 
fashioned bouquets of spring flow- 
ers in pastel colors. Each maid 
was escorted by her father. 

Maids were Miss Piji White, 
gowned in yellow, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Paul M. White, Bay St. 
Louis, Mississippi; Miss Phyllis 
Gamer, gowned in green jade, 
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Stacey 
A. Garner, Pulaski, Tennessee; 
Miss Linda Livingston, gowned in 
yellow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Park Livingston, LaGrange, Illi- 
nois; Miss Lonnie Rogers, gowned 
in blue, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
John L. Rogers, Athens, Texas; 
Miss Linda Wills, gowned in yel- 
low, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Harry P. Wills, Shelbyville, Ken- 

Miss Carol Ward, gowned in 
green, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
W. R. Ward, Venice, Florida; Miss 
Mary Ann Franklin, gowned in 
yellow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Robey H. Franklin, Nashville, 
Tennessee; Miss Charlotte Grist, 
gowned in yellow, daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Richard Grist, Blakely, 
Georgia; Miss Debbie Coe, gowned 
in pink and white, daughter of 
Mrs. John Begley, escorted by her 
stepfather. John L. Begley, Fort 
Lauderdale, Florida; Miss Sally 
Sockwell, gowned in blue, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sock- 
well, North Little Rock, Arkansas. 


Pam Podger, gowned in a 
print, daughter of Dr. and 
Mrs. Kenneth Podger, Durham, 
South Carolina; Miss Pattye Smith, 
gowned in aqua and white, daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Smith, 
Athens, Alabama. 

Jan Waltman was the May 
Court announcer. 

The Glee Club, under the di- 
rection of Jimmy Capel, presented 
"Go, Song of Mine," "Set Down 
Servant," and "Say It With Mu- 
sic." The sextet, composed of Lee 
Ann Caldwell, Cheri McKee, Suz- 
anne Carlton, Livi Mullen, Joy 
Dunn, and Muffet Triggs, sang a 
medley from The Fantastiks. 

The Dance League presented 
excerpts from its spring concert, 
The Joker, featuring Virginia 
Dodd, Cynthia Hayes, Carol Mc- 
Innis, and Pattye Smith. Jerry 
Ann Aycock presented a solo 
number, "Way Down Yonder in 

New Orleans." "Sewanee" fea- 
tured Carol Mclnnis, Janet Rade- 
baugh, Pattye Smith, and Carol 
Ward; "Cabaret'' featured Jerry 
Ann Aycock, Cynthia Hayes, and 
Jenny Hamilton. 

The drama, music, and dance 
departments presented scenes from 
Once Upon a Mattress, the spring 
musical. Featured were Sally Sock- 
well, Carolyn Donoho, Don Har- 
ris, MacMahon Gibbs, Joy Dunn, 
Otto Wusnack, Lee Ann Caldwell, 
Cheri McKee, Bett Norwood, Car- 
ol Sheets, Donna Thompson, Muf- 
fet Triggs, Meg Gaffey, Bob Buch- 
heit, Dane Hart, Paul Bagnes, and 
Dencil Ticer. 

The May Festival production 
staff included Jimmy Capel, Don 
Christmas, Miss Robin Johnson, 
Miss Helen Picking; scene, design, 
and staging were by Nels Ander- 
son and Miss Laura Wilkinson. 

Student assistants were Lee 
Ann Bailey, Peggy Bayless, Nancy 
Carson, Mary Lynn Connor, Vicki 
Cousins, Deborah O'Daniel, Jean- 
nette Davidson, Peggy North, 
Cissy Ourso, and Helen Turner. 


Dr. William G. Dwyer, former 
president of Gulf Park College, 
now President of the Board of 
Community Colleges in Massa- 
chusetts, visited on the Coast the 
weekend of July 13. 




Miss Pat Flanagan, a member 
of Alpha Theta Chapter of Phi 
Theta Kappa, was selected as the 
Gulf Park delegate to attend the 
National Phi Theta Kappa Honors 
Institute held in Endicott College 
in Beverly, Massachusetts, June 9- 
21, 1968. At the completion of the 
workshop she received a certifi- 
cate as a Phi Theta Kappa Honors 

This year's workshop was de- 
voted to "Our American Heritage, 
1800-1860." Outstanding lecturers 
leading the two-weeks' discussions 
were: Henry Cabot Lodge, states- 
man and diplomat; Dr. Ethel J. 
Alpenfels, anthropologist; Dr. Saul 
K. Padover, prominent political 
historian; Dr. Samuel Van Valken- 
burg, outstanding authority in the 
field of geography; and Dr. John 
Cardi, Professor of Poetry at Tufts 
University and one of America's 
foremost poets. 

Delegates from throughout the 
nation had an opportunity t® visit 
historical spots in Massachusetts 
and attend services at the Old 
North Church in Boston. 

Sophomores encircle the fountain for serenade following Baccalaureate Service 


The falling of the sun, round and golden, 
A rise of color from between the ranks of 


Comes swiftly to the little mountain cottage. 

A cricket's chirp 
Stirs an unseen chorus from 
The hill. 

I leave my work in the dim candle-lit 

Room and pass to the door 


Lest I break the magic hold the night has 

for me. The 
Of the closing door. 

I am alone in the <<tmm^mM^^ 


Of the night. 

The lawn before me, gray in 

the dark, points 
A finger toward the last steps 

I must take. 
Forward slowly to the brink 

of the incline, I 

Downward without hesitation 
And touch at last the wooden 
Of the skeleton-deck. 

Before me the mirror-lake lies, at my feet, 

A mirror in darkness even as it is in light. 

The evidence of your neighbors' presence — 


Across the water to greet you. 

See the sky above, and see, too, the sky 
Below — 

Above and below a host of stars, 

By twin, solid flat ranks of hills 

Like the waters. 

Brenda Conley, ig6S 


Phyllis Garner 

On May 15. 1968, Awards Day 
was held in the auditorium of 
Hardy Hall. Awards were given 
to the students who were out- 
standing in their respective fields. 

Mrs. Lois Ferrell, Dean of 
Women, presented the good house- 
keeping awards. Sterling silver 
dishes were given to the students 
who had kept their rooms clean 
and tidy all year. Hardy Hall re- 
cipients were: Janet Radebaugh, 
Mike Reinike, Cheri McKee — 
runners-up were Carolyn Kirby 
and Kathy Grady; Elizabeth Hall: 
Ann Whitchurch, Charlene Perdue, 
and Sandra Boone; Lloyd Hall: 
Vicki Gautier, Ginger Dodd — run- 
ners-up were Julia Davis and 
Karolyn Walters. 

Miss Jeannette Brock, head of 
the Secretarial Science Depart- 
ment, presented the Wall Street 
Journal Student Achievement 
Award to Susan Allen, the most 
outstanding student in the Invest- 
ments Class. 

Carol Mclnnis received the Psy- 
chology Award given by Colonel 
John T. Hazard of the Psychology 
Department. She received the 
award on the basis of her high 
grade point average for one year. 

Drama awards given by Miss 
Helen Picking, head of the Speech 
and Theatre Arts, were: Best 
Freshman Actress, Meg Gaffey 
and Tunners-up Carolyn Staples 
and Bett Norwood; Best Sopho- 
more Actress, Sally Sockwell; Best 
Technical Assistants, Gwen Flem- 
ing and Lonnie Rogers; Best Staff 
Assistants, Peggy Bayless, Vickie 
Cousins, and Helen Turner; and 
Best Theatre Award, Sally Sock- 

Mrs. Jerry Cater of the Foods 
and Nutrition Department pre- 

sented the Foods Award, Better 
Homes and Gardens Cookbooks, to 

Cissy Ourso and Sally Rhyne for 
showing creativity, cooperation, 
enthusiasm, and helpfulness to 
others in their work. 

Awards in Clothing were given 
by Mrs. Berta Patton of the 
Clothing Department to Ginny 
Straubel, Kathy Grady, Sue Ellen 
Brandon, and Sally Rhyne for 
participating in four semesters of 
Clothing. Sally Rhyne received the 
Outstanding Award in Clothing 
for putting forth that little "ex- 
tra effort." 

Phi Theta Kappa Awards were 
given by Mrs. Amelia Lumpkin, 
Director of Admissions. Each 
sophomore received a certificate of 
recognition by the University of 
Mississippi providing a $100 
scholarship to any school in Mis- 
sissippi. The following received 
these certificates: Carole Ward, 
Ginny Straubel, Lee Ann Cald- 
well, Teresa Fleming, Carol Mc- 
lnnis, Charlotte Grist, and Pat 

Final awards were given by the 
Art Department. Miss Laura 
Wilkinson presented the awards 
as follows: Outstanding in Samo- 
var Club — freshman, Becky 
Miller; sophomore, Jenny Hamil- 
ton: Outstanding Art Students — 
freshman, Dora Hill; sophomore 
Ginny Straubel; and the Art Key 
Award in painting went to Livi 


The sea grew calm, 

Sea gulls began to appear, 

Sunlight bounced reflections 

on the waves; 
The storm was over. 
Life resumes itself. 

Frances Woody, 1968 

Synchronized Swimming Team 




Polly Ritter 

On May 2, 1968, the student 
body and faculty of Gulf Park met 
in the Hardy reception room to 
voice their opinions on important 
national issues including the pres- 
idential race and conduct in the 
Vietnam conflict. There were 172 
students and 22 faculty members 
participating in the poll. 

In both the student and faculty 
presidential votes, Nixon took first 
choice with Wallace second and 
Kennedy and McCarthy tying for 
third. Of the 1,000,000 college stu- 
dents polled over the country, 
McCarthy came in first by a good 
margin followed by Kennedy sec- 
ond and Nixon third. 

The students felt that our poli- 
cy in Vietnam should be an all-out 
military effort while the teachers 
felt a phased reduction of Ameri- 
can military activity would be 
best. The majority of the students 
voted to intensify our bombing ef- 
forts; the faculty votes were tied 
between maintaining the current 
level of bombing and intensifing 
the bombing. 

The students were in favor of 
education receiving the highest 
priority in government spending 
while the faculty was in favor of 
stricter law enforcement and riot 

When asked about philosophies 
of education, most students favor- 
ed an emphasis on extra-curricu- 
lar activities. Scholarly pursuits 
polled one vote more from the 
faculty than did the extra-curricu- 
lar philosophy. 

It will be interesting to find out 
how representative the Gulf Park 
vote was in comparison with the 
national record. 


On May 16, eight new members were initiated into Phi Theta Kappa, 
the national honorary scholastic fraternity for junior college students: 
(left to right) Mar go Foster, Bec\y Miller, Jackie Ezell, Debbie O'Daniel, 
Vicfy Eshelman, Sandra Turner, Meg Gaffey and Brenda ClarJ{. 


Lee Caldwell 

On Thursday, May 16, the Phi 
Theta Kappa was proud to initiate 
eight new pledges into member- 
ship. This membership was ob- 
tained by achieving a 3.3 over-all 
average by the end of the third 
quarter. Receiving the white rose 
were honor students Brenda Clark, 
Vicki Eshelman, Jacquelyn Ezell, 
Margo Foster, Meg Gaffey, Becky 
Miller, Deborah O'Daniel, and 
Sandra Turner. 

The last service of the year was 
followed by an ice cream party 
with banana splits "made to order" 
for each girl. 


Peace is attainable 

If . . . 

Man will cease Being 

If . . . 

Greed will vanish from 
the earth; 

If . . . 

Freedom of thought is 
abandoned ; 

If . . . 

Man becomes a control- 
led machine. 
You cry, "Peace!" 

You beg, "Stop war!" 
You pray, "God, end 

I say, "Yes!" 

I reply, "You can!" 

I insist, "It is pos- 

Peace is attainable — 

If . . . 

Ideals should become ob- 
solete ; 

If . . . 

Pride in itself is dis- 

Georgia Ann Gibson, ig68 


Back row, left to right: Dora Hill, Julie Par\s Du\e, Janice Weibel, 
Suzanne Scott, Julie Jones, Shirley Petree, Mrs. Amelia S. Lumpkin, 
Sponsor, Julia Davis, Mary Ann Becker, Carol Mclnnis, Virginia Straubel, 
and Germaine Schanzmeyer. Front row: Pat Flanagan, Alice Hyde Smith, 
Lee Ann Caldwell, Linda Wills, Carole Ward, Sue Ellen Brandon, Char- 
lotte Grist, and Teresa Fleming. Co-Sponsor Dean Robert L. Johnson is 
not shown. 


The Panhellenic Awards Ban- 
quet began with the singing of 
each sorority's song. Linda Living- 
ston, President of the Panhellenic 
Council, introduced the sorority 
presidents who tapped the 1968-69 
presidents. The following girls were 
tapped: Lila Porter, Delta Alpha; 
Susan Jaffe, Delta Chi; Germaine 
Schanzmeyer, Gamma Psi; Beth 
Grayson, Kappa Chi; Sandy Boone, 
Sigma Psi; and Joan Redmon, 
Theta Alpha. 

Each sorority honored its out- 
standing sophomore and freshman 
member. Delta Alpha's awards 
went to Suzie Carlton and Karolyn 
Bayley; Delta Chi's to Connie 
Shaver and Leize Weldon; Gamma 
Psi's to Cathy Collins and Joy 
Dunn; Kappa Chi's to Liz Gilmer 
and Becky Miller; Sigma Psi's to 
Cynthia Hayes and Jennie Curtis; 
and Theta Alpha's to Helen Turn- 
er and Polly Lister. 

Awards were presented for out- 
standing sorority activities. Run- 
ners-up in all events received cer- 
tificates. Delta Alpha claimed the 
over-all Sports Trophy; Kappa 
Chi, Attic Antics Trophy; Delta 

Alpha, Sing-Song Award; Delta 
Chi, Scrapbook Award; and Delta 
Chi, Highest Scholastic Award. 

Special thanks from all sorori- 
ties went to Mrs. Mable Burg for 
her able sponsorship. The ban- 
quet concluded with the singing of 
the Alma Mater. 




Miss Sandy Goar, '66 made a 
generous gift to the Ridng De- 
partment of Gulf Park College. The 
money was used to purchase a tape 
recorder and a Blue Ribbon Cut- 
Back Saddle for shows. 


Pam Podger 

Competition between the sorori- 
ties ended this year with the an- 
nual Sing Song. All six sororities 
met in the courtyard of Hardy 
Hall to demonstrate their talent 
for singing. Each sorority entered 
the contest as a large group com- 
posed of all the members, and a 
small group made up of not more 
than twelve girls. 

In the large group classification 
first place was won by Delta Al- 
pha Sigma for their interpretation 
of "Cabaret" and their sorority 
song; second place by Kappa Chi 
singing "Chim Chim Cheree" and 
"Super - cali - f ragil » istic - expe - ali- 
docious;" and Delta Chi Sigma 
won third place with "Halls of 
Ivy" and "Moments to Remem- 

The small groups then perform- 
ed with Delta Chi Sigma singing 
"Graduation Day'' for first place; 
Sigma Psi Iota winning second 
with "The Lord's Prayer;" and 
Delta Alpha Sigma's "Bonnie and 
Clyde" winning third place. 

It certainly proved to be a 
grand night for singing! 


Left to right: Beth Grayson, Kappa Chi; Susan Jaffe, Delta Chi; Lila Porter, Delta Alpha; Joan Redmon, 
Theta Alpha; Germaine Schanzmeyer, Gamma Psi; and Sandra Boone, Sigma Psi. 


Suzie Carlton, 

Outstanding Sophomore 

Sue Ellen Brandon, 

Outgoing President 

Li/a Porter, 

Incoming President 

Karolyn Bayley, 

Outstanding Freshman 


Leize Weld en, 

Outstanding Freshman 

Suzan Jaffe, 

Incoming President 

Linda Livingston, 

Outgoing President 

Connie Shaver, 

Outstanding Sophomore 


BceJ^y Miller, 

Outstanding Freshman 

Beth Grayson, 

Incoming President 

Carole Ward, 

Outgoing President 

Elizabeth Gilmer, 

Outstanding Sophomore 



Cathy Collins, 

Outstanding Sophomore 

Sally Happer, 

Outgoing President 

Germaine Schanzmeyer, 

Incoming President 

Joy Dunn, 

Outstanding Freshman 


Jennie Curtis, 

Outstanding Freshman 

Mary Franklin, 

Outgoing President 

Sandra Boone, 

Incoming President 

Cynthia Hayes, 

Outstanding Sophomore 


Polly Ritter, 

Outstanding Freshman 

Ann Whitchurch, 

Outgoing President 

Joan Redmon, 

Incoming President 

Helen Turner, 

Outstanding Sophomore 



President of Student Body 

Vicki Eshelman Elected Student Government President 

Vicki Eshelman of St. Joseph, Missouri, will preside over the Stu- 
dent Government for the year 1968-69. 

Vicki is an honor student and a member of Phi Theta Kappa. She 
serves as French Vice-President of the Romance Language Club and is 
a member of Aquettes, the Bit and Spur Club, Jet Masters, and Kappa 
Chi Sorority. 

This assortment of campus activity and leadership should qualify 
Vicki to be true to her applauded affirmant of campus unity: "... not 
two classes, not three dorms— but ONE SCHOOL." 



who has served most ably as 
President of the Student Body 
for 196J-68. Pat turns over the 
gavel to Vic\i. 



Colorado alumnae of Gulf Park honored President William T. Sadler 
at a luncheon meeting of the group at the home of Phyllis Williams 
Odell at 4057 Field Drive, Wheatridge, Colorado 80033, on May 1. Presi- 
dent Sadler told the group of changes that have taken place on campus 
and projected plans for the future. 

The group veted to form an active Gulf Park Alumnae Club which 
will meet twice a year to bring themselves up-to-date on what is happen- 
ing on campus and to assist the college in contacting prospective stu- 
dents. They have formed an educational committee whom high school 
counselors may contact whenever a student is interested in Gulf Park. 

Phyllis Williams Odell, '51, was elected President of the group; and 
Marshia Jenks '58 (1020 Ogden, Apt. 104, Denver, Colorado 80218) was 
elected secretary. Alumnae moving into the Denver area, or anyone who 
has been living there but who has not been contacted by the group should 
contact Marcia or Phyllis. 

Active members of the Colorado organization are: Phyllis Williams 
Odell; Marcia Jenks; Dorothy Patton '40 (Mrs. Donald R. Beeson, 1550 
Bluebell, Boulder, Colorado); Jeanne Berkley '56 (Mrs. John C. Brokaw, 
Sunshine Canyon, Boulder, Colorado 80302); Judith Ferrara 1955-57 
(Mrs. David W. Ditzler, 825 Fillmore, Denver, Colorado 80206); Tyler 
Terry 1948-50 (Mrs. James Dyer, 1123 Oneida Street, Denver, Colorado); 
Elaine Frame '40 (Mrs. Robert L. Hoss, 4971 South Boston Street, En- 
glewood, Colorado 80110); Jeanne Sackman '46 (Mrs. Warren V. Huskie, 
13440 Braun Road, Route 1, Golden, Colorado); Marybea Manley '-4 
(Mrs. Jack K. Letts, 3484 South Ivanhoe Way, Denver, Colorado); Sallie 
Black '48 (Mrs. Peter Looms, 1411 East Cornell, Englewood, Colorado 
80110); Nola Johnston '44 (Mrs. Roger L. Mitchem, 5965 Garland, Ar- 
vada, Colorado 80002); Augusta Woodliff '40 (Mrs. Warren F. Smith, 
3104 South Milwaukee, Denver, Colorado); Virginia Marshall '41 (Mrs. 
H. C. Pollock, Rt. 1, Sedelia, Colorado); and Lillie Wilhelm '46 (Mrs. 
Howard L. Johnson, Route 2, Box 225-B, Longmont, Colorado). 

President William T. Sadler has 
announced the appointment of 
Roy T. Gallemore as Vice Presi- 
dent of Student Affairs, effective 
July 1. Mr. Gallemore received 
his M. A. Degree from the Uni- 
versity of Missouri. He has taught 
at the University of Missouri and 
Stephens College and has been 
counselor and Associate Director 
of Admissions with Stephens since 

We are please to welcome Mr. 
Gallemore to the "Gulf Park 


Seated left to right: Cynthia Doughs, Jackie Ezell, Charlotte Grist, Mary Fran\lin, Ginger Dodd, Teresa 
Fleming, Ann Whitchurch, Amy Strong, Marcia Futch, Phyllis Garner, and Maere Chandler. Standing, left to 
right: Pat Flanagan, President; Mrs. Ferrell, Sponsor; and Vic\i Eshelman, President-elect for 1968-69. 

ceiving a note from Muriel, "his 
one true love," Richard decides to 
risk the wrath of his family and 
keep a clandestine date with her 
on the beach. 

The cast was led by Mr. Tommy 
Meek as Nat Miller, whose capaci- 
ty as father and editor presented 
a recognizable conflict of senti- 
ment. The character of Essie Mill- 
er, through Ardis Kohlmeir's vi- 
tal portrayal became not just the 
mother of her children, but 
mother to the world. 

John Kelley, as Richard Miller, 
was most vividly the searching, 
self-asserting young boy who finds 
a great gap between experience 
and literature. He and Nancy 
Carson, the sweet Muriel Mc- 
Comber, were charming in their 
depiction of the pains and plea- 
sures of young love. 

No one could forget Mac Gibbs 
as the lovable renegade, Sid Davis. 
He makes the dinner scene most 
memorable, and his love for Lily, 
a role tenderly executed by Bett 
Norwood, is warming. 

The cast also included John 
Kelly, Michael Reinike, and Gary 
Meek as the teasing brothers and 
sisters. Mr. Phil Ambler, Cissy 
Ourso, Major Bill Anderson, and 
Sam Cuevas became other delight- 
ful O'Neill characters. 


On May 2, 3, and 4 the "Jet 
Maskers" of Gulf Park, under the 
direction of Mr. Nels Anderson, 
presented Eugene O'Neill's Ah, 
Wilderness! in the college audi- 

The setting of the play is a 
small town in Connecticut in the 
summer of 1906. The action un- 
folds in the sitting-room of the 
Miller home as the Miller family 
is busily engaged in a conversa- 
tion concerning how they plan to 
celebrate the fourth of July. The 
scene then shifts to the back 
room of a bar in a small hotel 
where Richard has been induced 
by one of his brother's friends to 
learn "how the other half lives." 
When Richard shocks his family 
by returning home inebriated, he 
is forbidden to leave the house 
until a suitable punishment can 
be contrived for him. After re- 





Helen Turner 

The Secretarial Science Club 
Moonlight Cruise turned out to 
be joyous and delightful for all 
students present. The boat left 
the docks in Gulf port about 7:00 
p. m. and went up the coast-line 
and back so that the girls could 
see the lights reflected from the 
water as evening came. 

The girls enjoyed steering the 
boat and listening to records dur- 
ing the cruise. The highlight of 
the evening came when Mr. Nels 
Anderson was recognized for all 
the time and effort he had con- 
tributed to the Secretarial Science 
Club's Annual Fashion Show. He 
was presented a coat and a beau- 
tiful card designed by Miss Laura 
Wilkinson, art instructor. All of 
the models and the members of 
the Club autographed the card 
with clever titles and quotes from 
plays and motion pictures. 

Miss Jeanette Brock, sponsor of 
the Fashion Show and head of 
the Secretarial Science Club, 
treated the girls to a picnic sup- 
per aboard the boat. 

The cruise proved to be a re- 
laxing trip for all who attended! 


On May 9 and 10, 1968, the 
Dance League of Gulf Park Col- 
lege presented a review entitled 
Showboat to New Orleans. The 
theme was carried out with such 
numbers as "The Kiverboat Fol- 
lies," "Louisiana Lasses," and 
"Levee Howdown." The wide va- 
riety of dance arrangements was 
a delight to the audience. As a 
special number, a toe ballet, "Pad- 
dlewheel Swish," was performed 
by Diane Stewart. Other solo 
dancers featured were Kitty Jor- 
dan and Jerry Ann Aycock, both 
doing jazz numbers. The colorful 
lights and costumes contributed a 
spark of gaiety which made the 
entire evening even more enjoy- 


Ginger Woodside 

Energetic, full of ideas, and 
planning for the benefit of the 
students may well describe Mrs. 

Mrs. Burg came to Gulf Park 
College three years ago and for 
two of these three years was a 
representative for the states of 
Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and 
Louisiana, interesting and inform- 
ing girls about the school. This 
past year she became a familiar 
face to the campus as a co-ordi- 
nator of the Panhellenic Coun- 

We are sorry to see Mrs. Burg 
leave and wish her success as a 
counselor at Syracuse University, 
Syracuse, New York. 

Under the editorship of Miss Elizabeth Gilmer, the Tides has served well in campus communications this year. 



Each year the students of Gulf 
Park College dedicate the Sea Gull, 
a book that is a lasting symbol of 
their fondest memories at Gulf 
Park, to a person they feel is truly 
worthy of this honor. 

This year they dedicate it to an 
individual who has won the re- 
spect and admiration of every Gulf 
Park student. 

She has worked untiringly with 
Gulf Park, not only as a school 
but as a home — our home. She has 
made our problems hers in an ef- 
fort to bridge the gap of adjust- 

Because of her unbiased under- 
standing and deep commitment to 
what is right, she exemplifies what 
we feel must be the ideal person. 
And because she is dedicated to 
us, we dedicate the 1968 Sea Gull 
to Mrs. Harriett Smith. 

Mr. Steve Chiniche, a supervisor 
on the maintenance staff, suffered 
a fatal heart attack at his home 
Tuesday night, July 16, 1968. Mr. 
Chiniche had been an employee of 
Gulf Park College for more than 
eighteen years. We shall miss his 
ready smile and helpful spirit. 


The wind is blowing and gives a slight chill; 
The sun is shining and has a warm feel. 
Birds are singing and trees are budding; 
Flowers are blooming and children are running. 

Excitement fills the air for spring is here! 

You go down to the beach — a place that's dear. 

You sit and look at the calm white sea; 

You watch the birds fly by. 

You think and think of all. But you see. 

Day dreams glide on a sigh. 

You feel at peace with God and the world, 
And emotions stream through your heart. 
Then a thought flashes through your mind: 
You realize life is hard, not kind. 

With your shoes in hand you start to walk, 
And the warm sand snuggles your feet. 
The sun is setting and you walk alone, 
But never, never alone. 

Suzie Carlton, 1968 


It was an exciting day when the Sea Gull arrived! Under the editorship of Miss Linda Wills, after months 
of tedious and determined hard worJ{, this year's edition is outstanding. Featuring Friendship Oa\ on the cover, 
this theme was used on tie pages throughout the boo\. 

All at Gulf Far\ extend sincere appreciation and congratulations to Miss Wills and her entire staff. 





Mrs. Amelia S. Lumpkin, wh# 
has worked closely with each of the 
six presidents of Gulf Park College 
during her tenure at the college, 
resigned her position effective May 
31, 1968. She became affiliated 
with Gulf Park in 1943, and since 
then she has served with the late 
Dr. Richard G. Cox, first president 
of Gulf Park; Dr. Charles P. Ho- 
garth, now president of Mississippi 
State Csllege for Women; Dr. 
William G. Dwyer, President of the 
Board of Community Colleges for 
the State of Massachusetts; the 
late Joseph E. Gibson; Dr. H. Pres- 
ton James, now with the College 
of the Seven Seas; and Mr. Wil- 
liam T. Sadler, currently serving 
as president. 

Mrs. Lumpkin was executive 
secretary to the presidents from 
1943 to 1959. Since then she has 
been Director of Admissions and 
Alumnae Secretary. She has been 
on the President's Advisory Board, 
a sponsor for Phi Theta Kappa, 
a national honorary scholastic 
fraternity, and a sponsor for the 
Tammy Howl, a student publica- 
tion. She has been editor of the 
alumnae news. As secretary of the 
alumnae association, she has been 
the liaison between the alumnae 
and the college. 

Mrs. Lumpkin attended L«ng 
Beach Junior College in California, 
and received her Bachelor of Arts 
Degree, magna cum laude, from 
Hardin-Simmons University in 
Abilene, Texas. She is a member 
of Phi Theta Kappa and Texas 
Rho Chapter of Alpha Chi, both 
national honerary scholastic fra- 
ternities. She is a member of the 
American Association of Univer- 
sity Women of the International 
Platform Association. Prior t® her 
marriage, she taught in Hatties- 
burg (Mississippi) High School. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lumpkin reside at 
301 East Fifth Street in Long 
Beach, Mississippi. She is a mem- 
ber of the Methodist Church and 
a member of the Order of the 
Eastern Star for which she has 
served as Grand Marshall of the 
Grand Chapter of the State of 
Mississippi in 1956, as a district 
deputy grand matron from 1958 to 
1961, as Grand Martha in 1966, as 
a member of the credentials com- 
mittee in 1967, and as Grand Rep 
resentative to the Grand Chapter 
cf the State of Nebraska since 


In leaving her position at Gulf 
Park, Mrs. Lumpkin has deep ap- 
preciation for the many students 
and other associates with whom 
she has worked through the years. 

In appreciation of her services, 
the faculty and staff of Gulf Park 
College presented Mrs. Lumpkin 
with a silver coffee and tea serv- 
ice, complete with tray. 


A copy of Catherine Marshall's 
book, Christy, has been placed in 
the Gulf Park library in memory 
of Miss Diane Retz. This donation 
was made by Mrs. Ernest Small- 
man, mother of Elizabeth Small- 
man, '68. 

TEA FOR 200 

The Pranke household in Hous- 
ton, Texas, was all astir on Sunday 
afternoon, May 5, when Mrs. Don- 
ald Pranke and her two daughters, 
Diane and Mrs. Andrew Meyer 
(Pattie Pranke, '66) entertained 
200 at tea, honoring graduates of 
Lamar High School. 

Included as special guests were 
Misses Sharon Johns©n, Cathy 
Guernsey, Jan Cooper, Bibi Felton, 
and Becky Hardy who plan to at- 
tend Gulf Park College in Septem- 
ber. Miss Diane Pranke, who will 
be graduated from high school in 
1969, plans to attend Gulf Park. 


(Mary Millard, 1934-3$) 



Mrs. Mary Millard Applegate, 1934, was married to General Mark 
Wayne Clark on October 17, 1967, at the general's residence at the 
Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. Mary was formerly 
married to Mr. M. Ray Applegate of Muncie, Indiana, and the General 
to the former Maurine Doran. The families were long time friends. 
Mrs. Clark died October 5, 1966, and Mr. Applegate on October 9, 1966. 

General Clark was President of the Citadel for eleven years. He re- 
tired from the post in July of 1965. The General, a veteran of three wars 
and principal performer in two, joined the military college after a forty- 
year career in the Army. 

Mrs. Samuel Dean, Jr., sister-in-law of the bride, was matron of 
honor; and General Clark's son, Major William D. Clark, U.S. Army 
(ret.) was best man. The Clarks reside at "Top of the Mark", Francis 
Marion Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina. 


Miss Janet Nelson, horsemanship 
instructor, was married to Lt. 
David J. Dunn on June 1. The 
Dunns' address is CMR Box 7802, 
Patrick AFB, Florida 32925. 

Miss Joy Broom, physical educa- 
tion instructor, has joined the staff 
at the University of Southern Mis- 
sissippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 
She will continue work on her 
doctorate degree. 

Mr. Jimmie Capel, voice instructor, 
has joined the staff at the Eastlan 
Baptist Church, Pleasantburg 
Drive, Greenville, South Carolina. 

Mr. Paul Shafer, English instruc- 
tor, will continue in the education- 
al field. 

Miss Robin Johnson, dance instruc- 
tor, is spending the summer 
months on the Coast. In the fall, 
she will be a member of the staff 
of the University of Southern 

Mr. Nels Anderson, speech in. 
structor at Gulf Park since 1963, 
will be a member of the faculty 
at a junior college in Illinois. 

Mrs. Frances Morgan, former sec- 
retary to Dean Johnson, passed 
through Gulfport in June on her 
way to Texas. She will make her 
permanent home in Topeka, Kan, 


Miss Cecil S. Ramsey, 312 North 
Sage Street, Toccoa, Georgia 30577. 
Miss Ramsey is at home recovering 
from an illness. She was in the 
hospital several times this winter. 

Lt. David L. Smith, guidance coun- 
selor at Gulf Park this year, had to 
leave for Vietnam shortly before 
Christmas. His wife, Marie, and 
their infant son, Craig Alan, are 
residing at 1041 Spruce Street, 
Marinette, Wisconsin 54143. 

Miss Jane Morrison has been 
named assistant professor of physi- 
cal education at Ohio Wesleyan 
University, Delaware, Ohio. Miss 
Morrison, a former resident of 
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, ob- 
tained her BS at Slippery Rock 
State College. She has taken ad- 
ditional study at the University of 
Pittsburg and Ohio State, where 
she obtained her MA. Miss Morri- 
son has served on the faculties of 
Monticello College, Gulf Park Col- 
lege, and Ohio State; and she has 
served as a recreational worker in 
military hospitals for the American 
Red Cross. She joined the Ohio 
Wesleyan faculty in 1963. 


New Orleans Alumnae plan an October meeting at the Alumnae 
House at Tulane Universtiy. This will be an evening social gathering 
to include husbands. The use of the Alumnae House has been made 
possible through Miss Beatrice Field, Director of Alumnae Relations of 
Tulane University. Miss Field is one of the Directors of Camp Gulf Park, 
which has leased the facilities of the Gulf Park campus for a number of 
years. Bea might be considered an honorary Gulf Park alumna. 

Alumnae interested in being active in this group should send their 
annual dues, $5.00, to Mrs. Brandon Wilcox (Gail Bordenave), 9604 
Marsha Drive, New Orleans, or contact her to be included in the mail- 
ing list. The mailing list now includes the following alumnae: 

Mrs. Louis Armstrong (Bobby Blum), 1510 Schnell Drive, Arabi; 
Mrs. C. W. Belanger (Donna Clayton), Durbridge Drive, New Orleans; 
Mrs. Terry Bertucci (Mike Centanni), 139 Little Farms Avenue, New 
Orleans; Mrs. John Bell, Jr. (Elaine Little), 2300 Octavia Street, New 
Orleans; Mrs Ed Bopp (Patsy Planche), 14 Pamela Place, Arabia; Mrs. 
Adrienne de Rio-Branco (Adrienne McArdle), 4426 Fiesta Street, New 
Orleans; Mrs. Edwin Bultman (Eckie Johnson), 4139 State Street Drive, 
New Orleans; Mrs. Bruce Burglass (Mary Lynn Case), 4437 Orleans 
Blvd., New Orleans; Mrs. John T. Charbonnett (Kathleen Denechaud), 
2 Versailles Blvd., New Orleans; Mrs E. J. Dermartini (Pat Morgan), 
328 Nelson, New Orleans; Mrs. Noel Genevay (Marion Vaccaro), 501 
Turquoise, New Orleans; Mrs. Wilson Guenard (Wilma See), Route 1, 
Box 418, Slidell; Mrs. James Hair (Mari McNeely), 2601 Sells Street, 
Metairie; Mrs. Donald Herbert, 1455 Burbank, New Orleans; Miss 
Kathryn Hessemer, 1817 Marengo Street, New Orleans; Mrs. Robert 
Holmes (Jan Rowzee), 4424 Wade Drive, Metairie; Mrs. Bernard 
Jacobs (Margie Norvell), 205 Stella, Metairie; Mrs. Ainsworth Jordy 
(Dottie Dupuy), 199 East Oakridge Park, Metairie; Mrs. Frank Kruse 
(Sheila Aragon), 6414 Carlson Drive, New Orleans; Mrs. Lawrence 
C. Levert (Winston Tutwiler), Rienzi Plantation, Thibodaux, Lou- 
isiana; Mrs. Donald L. Levy (Susan Benedict), 2509 Comet Street, 
New Orleans, Louisiana; Miss Kay Little, 1324-B Joseph, New Orleans; 
Mrs. Lee Lombard (Mary Lea Flotte), 2812 Belmont Place, Metairie; 
Mrs. Anthony Marcello (Jeanie Monte), 2908 Clifford Drive, Metairie; 
Mrs. John Mecom, Jr. (Katsy Mullendor), 615 Howard Avenue, c/o Me- 
com Oil, New Orleans; Mrs. Sam Newman (Gloria Salloum), 6214 Pratt 
Place, New Orleans; Miss Lindsay Oliver, 207 V2 Linden, Corinth, Missis- 
sippi; Mrs. Irwin Poche, Jr. (Patsy Chapman), 2635 Charlotte Drive, 
New Orleans; Mrs. Clifton Salvant (Verna Guenard), 426 Sears Ave. 
nue, Waveland, Mississippi; Mrs. Fred Smith (Judy Montaldo), 1915 
Joseph Street, New Orleans; Mrs. Julian Stewart (Nona Bachtel), 
6421 Asher Street, Metairie; Miss Melinda Stivers, 6801 Veterans' High- 
way, Apt. 15-B, Metairie; Mrs. John Thibaut (Carolyn Wilbert), Route 
2, Box 489, Napoleonville, Louisiana; Mrs. John Tusson (Pat Price), 
Route 1, Box 683, Belle Chasse, Louisiana; Mrs. Edward Whyte (Joyce 
Gaubert), 402 Lafourche Drive, Thiboudeaux, Louisiana; and Mrs. 
George Van Geffen (Waldine Ryan), 79 Wren Street, New Orleans. 

Alumnae News 

Because of space limitations, 
the following news items were 
held over from the last issue of 

SALLY FARMER, 1964-65: 127 
East 59th, Apt. 305, Minneapolis, 
Minnesota. Sally is a stewardess 
for Northwest Orient Air Lines. 
She sent a newsleter. KAY CAN- 
NON, 1964-65, married Robert 
McBrayer on July 22, 1967. CHAR- 
LOTTE DONOHO, 1964-65, was 
married to Pat Hardy McGowan 
on February 24, 1968, after gradu- 
ating from the University of Ar- 
kansas in January. (We do not 
have the addresses of these girls.) 

65: Mrs. Harold F. Rayner, Box 
552, Route 4, Tallahassee, Florida 

32301. Hank works for the State 
Personnel Board. The Rayners have 
a son, Harold, Jr., born in 1967. 

501 Pinecrest Drive, Albany, Geor- 
gia. Jane is attending Florida State 

DIANE THOMAS, 1965-66: Mrs. 
Kenneth Kirby, 2330 Estero Boule- 
vard, Fort Myers, Florida. Diane 
and Kenneth have been in Germany 
for the past year. The couple has 
one son, Kenneth, Jr. NANCY 
THOMAS, 1964-65, Diane's room- 
mate at Gulf Park, will visit the 
Kirby family in the spring. 

Mrs. Carolyn Todd Seward, 1134 
College Street, Bowling Green Ken- 
tucky 42101. 

Hugh Martin, 1553 Alexandria, Apt. 
B, Lexington, Kentucky 40504. 
Helen was on campus for the week- 
end following the alumnae reunion. 


(Dottie Wilkinson, 1961-62) 

DOROTHY DALY, '66: 330 Bush- 
nell, Box 130, San Antonio, Texas. 
Dorothy will graduate from Trinity 
College in June. At this time, she 
is undecided whether she will at- 
tend graduate school or start a 

Michael H. Shipps, 110 South 
Edisto, Apt. A, Columbia, South 
Carolina 29205. 

ANN KING, '66: Mrs. Joseph P. 
Milton, 216-T, Flauet III, Gaines- 
ville, Florida 32601. Ann was grad- 
uated from the University of 
Florida in April, 1967, with a BA 
in Sociology and English. She and 
Joe were married that same month. 
Joe is in law school, and Ann is 
a social worker for the State De- 
partment of Public Welfare. The 
couple resides in the students' 
housing on the University of Flor- 
ida campus. 

LINDSAY OLIVER, '66: Route 2, 
Box 346, Harrell's Ferry Road, 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70815. 

PENNY PACE, '66: Mrs. Carol E. 
Cooling, Jr. The Coolings live in 


Miss Rilla Carter, who was grad- 
uated with top scholastic honors 
from the high school division of 
Gulf Park College in 1962, has con- 
tinued to receive recognition. She 
was graduated from Duke Univer- 
sity in 1966. In the summer of 
1964, Rilla studied at the Univer- 
sity of Edinburg, Scotland. During 
her junior year at Duke, she was 
chosen for Phi Beta Kappa. She 
received her Master of Arts De- 
gree from Middleburgh College, 
Vermont, on the basis of summer 
work there in 1966 and a year of 
graduate study in Madrid, ending 
in May 1967. Rilla spent the re- 
mainder of the summer traveling 
in Europe, returning to the States 
in the latter part of August. She 
is an instructor in foreign lang- 
uage at North Carolina Wesleyan, 
Rocky Mount, North Carolina. 

Rilla is active in church and 
community affairs. She sings in a 
church choir and is a member of 
the Choral Society, a combination 
of school and town-people. She is 
studying organ. 

In recognition of her outstanding 
ability, accomplishments, and ser- 
vice to her country and profession, 
Rilla has been included in the 1968 
edition of Outstanding Young 
Women of America. 

Albany, Georgia. (We do not have 
their address.) They are the par- 
ents of twins. 

2000 Calion Road, El Dorado, Ar- 
kansas 71730. Patty attends the 
University of New Mexico, where 
she is a member of Delta Gamma 
Sorority and is majoring in art. 

came the bride of Mr. James 0. 
Abston, II, of Dallas, Texas, on De- 
cember 29, 1967, in a candlelight 
ceremony in St. Philip's Episcopal 
Church, A r d m o r e, Oklahoma, 
a bridesmaid; NANCY WOLFROM, 
'66, was in charge of the bride's 
'67, assisted in serving at the re- 
ception held in the church parish 
house. After a wedding trip to New 
Orleans, the couple are continuing 
their education at Southwestern 
University, Georgetown, Texas. 
JOAN REZNICHEK, '66: 29 Lang- 
don Street, Apt. 1., Madison, Wis- 
consin 53703. Joan visited on cam- 
pus in April. 

East Second Street, Apt. 20, Bloom- 
ington, Indiana 47403. Kathleen 
will be graduated this spring from 
Indiana University, majoring in 

VICKI ROTH, '66: 609 Thilly Av- 
enue, Columbia, Missouri 65201. 
Vicki is attending Stephens Col- 

KAREN SCHWARZ, '66: 1251 La 
Vista Road, Atlanta, Georgia. 
Karen is working as a secretary 
for a manufacturing company. 

Indian Trail, Apt. 7, Aurora, Illi- 
nois 60506. 

William E. Morrison, III, 1015 
South College, Tulsa, Oklahoma 
74104. Cinda and her husband are 
attending Tulsa University. (There 
was an account of Cinda's wedding 
in the last issue of Tammy.) 

JANE STRAEFFER, '66: 2403 Top 
Hill Road, Louisville, Kentucky 
40206. Jane is living at home and 
teaching thirty-seven sixth graders. 

Mrs. Roger Murray, Townhouse 
Apts. # 13, , Lumpkin Street 
Athens, Georgia. "Presh" and 
Roger were married on August 
26, 1967, in the First Presbyterian 
Church in Clarksville, Tennessee. 
NANCY WOLFROM, '66, was maid 
of honor. The Murrays are attend- 
ing the University of Georgia. 

JOEY ZOOK, '66: 1508 West Ocean- 
front, Apt. T, Newport Beach, Cal- 


ifornia. Joey is working in person- 
nel at Master Specialities Company 
in Costa Mesa. 

Mrs. Lee Garner, 234 West Street, 
Batesville, Mississippi 38606. The 
Garners announce the arrival of a 
son, Lee, III, on December 29, 
1967. When visiting- at Ole Miss, 
Libba enjoyed visiting with ELIZ- 

66, was married to Lt. (jg) William 
G. Norman, Jr., of Greenville, 
North Carolina, in Christ Episco- 
pal Church in Pensacola, Florida. 
The couple is residing in Norfolk, 
Virginia, where Lt. Norman is sta- 
tioned. "Douggie" was presented 
to society in the 1966 Debutante 
Cotillion. She toured the Caribbean 
with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. 
Arthur Butt, while her husband 
was at sea. 

CORINNE CAIN, 1965-66: 2015 
Garner Lane, Fort Smith. Arkansas 
72903. Connie is attending the Uni- 
versity of Arkansas and pledged 
Delta Delta Delta Sorority this 
fall. She is doing practice teaching 
in elementary education and hopes 
to teach in New Orleans this fall. 

EMILY HORNSBY, 1965-66: Mrs. 
Steven E. Bowman, 13 Hackberry 
Circle, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401. 
Steve is a senior at the Univer- 
sity of Alabama. Emily is taking 
part-time work this semester, con- 
tinuing her major in home econo- 
mics. The Bowmans havj a daugh- 
ter, Emily Jane, born October 9, 

Carter's Gin Road, Toney, Ala- 
bama 35773. 

1 Lindley Lane, Vicksburg, Missis- 
sippi 39180. Markie is a junior at 
the University of Southern Missis- 
sippi, majoring in merchandising. 

Mrs. Lawrence W. Hansen, 846 W. 
49th Street, Norfolk, Virginia. 
After a trip around the world last 
summer, Suzanne returned home to 
be married to Lawrence on August 
11, 1967. He is completing his 
studies at Old Dominion College in 
Norfolk and is a member of Pi 
Kappa Alpha Fraternity. 

CLAIRE MAHAN, 1965-66: 904 
South Jordan, Bloomington, Indi- 
ana 47403. Claire is working as a 
secretary for a collection agency. 

JUDY MILLER, 1965-66: 3908 
State Line, Kansas City, Kansas. 
Judy has been living in an apart- 
ment for the past six months with 
three other nursing students. She 
will graduate in September from 
LPN school at KUMC. She is in- 
terested in joining the Peace Corps. 

KAY PALMER, 1965-66: Box 304, 
Holly Grove, Arkansas. Kay is a 
junior at the University of Missis- 
sippi, majoring in speech. She has 
been in two major productions — the 
musical, "To Broadway with Love", 
and the opera production, "The 
Merry Wives of Windsor." Kay is 
an officer of Alpha Omicron Pi 

RENNIE REVELL, 1965-66: Mrs. 
Robert Lee Early, III, 428 Sprite 
Road, Louisville, Kentucky. Rennie 
attended the University of Ken- 
tucky, where she pledged Delta 
Delta Delta Sorority her sophomore 
year. She and Lee were married 
August 12, 1967, in Louisville. Lee, 
a former student at Rollins College 
where he was a member of Kappa 
Alpha Order, is attending the Uni- 
versity of Louisville. Rennie is 
majoring in secondary education. 

Finch College, North Hall, 45th 
East 78th Street, New York, New 
York 10021. Dorothy is a junior at 

1519 South 90th Street, Omaha, 
Nebraska 68124. Barbara is major- 
ing in special education to teach 
the mentally retarded at the Omaha 
branch of the University of Ne- 
braska. She is acting with the 
University Theatre. JAN WIL- 
LIAMS, '67, is attending the Uni- 
versity of Southern Mississippi, 
Hattiesburg, Mississippi. BAR- 
BARA WRIGHT, '66, lives in New 
Orleans and is a secretary at a 
medical clinic. (We do not have her 
1965-66, is living in Hackensack, 
New Jersey, where she is a news- 
paper reporter. 

DIANE THOMSEN, 1965-66: Mrs. 
Walter Lindlow, 7665 East Shore 
Road, Traverse City, Michigan 
49684. Diane and her husband are 
attending Eastern Michigan Uni- 

6316 Rosewood Court, Brentwood, 
Nashville, Tennessee 37027. Cheryl 
is a sophomore at Peabody College 
in Nashville, majoring in art. 

JANE BLACKBURN, '67: 3510 
Victoria Road, Birmingham, Ala- 
bama 35223. Janie is attending the 
University of Alabama, majoring 
in speech therapy. She visited the 
GP campus in February. Janie's 
younger sister, Betty, will be a 
GP student in 1968-69. 

Box 17620 A, LSU, Baton Rouge, 
Louisiana. On March 3, 1968, 
Donna was initiated into Kappa 
Alpha Theta Sorority. She was on 
campus during the alumnae re- 

DEAN DUBOSE, '67: Mrs. Thomas 
E. Lewis, 3535 Roswell Road N.E., 
Apt. 2-A, Atlanta, Georgia 30305. 

Lake Cannon Drive, Winter Haven, 
Florida 33880. 

KAREN GRIFFIN, '67: 30 Hilltop 
Road, Asheville, North Carolina 
28803. Karen is a junior at Mercer 
University, Macon, Georgia. JEAN 
CARPENTER, 1965-66, and ANNE 
ELLIOTT, 1965-66, are also at- 
tending Mercer. 

'67: 425 Apple, New Albany, Mis- 
sissippi 38652. Betsy pledged Phi 
Mu at Ole Miss. She is serving as 
Standards Chairman. JA MONT- 
GOMERY, '67, visited her during 
semester break, and they went to 
see LIBBA BRAME Garner, 1964- 
66, and her new son. 

TONI HERRICK, '67: 713 Red Mill 
Drive, Tecumseh, Michigan 49286. 
Toni is attending the Ringling 
School of Art in Sarasota, Florida. 
Last summer she studied at the 
American School of Art in Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

LEANN HIGH, '67: 408 South 
Howard, Kimball, Nebraska. Leann 
is attending West Florida Univer- 
sity in Pensacola. 

Joseph T. Taylor, Tara Apts. 3-R, 
Gaines School Road, Athens, Geor- 
gia 30601. 

ANNE KINNEY, '67: 18 Woodhill 
Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35213. 
Anne is attending the University 
of Alabama. 

Gary Hardin, Box 3683, Coopers- 
town Apt. C, Lexington, Kentucky 

BETSY LANG, '67: 8712 Park 
Crestwood Drive, St. Louis, Mis- 
souri 63126. Betsy received the 
highest mark in Educational Psy- 
chology in a class of 750 students 
at LSU. She feels that her good 
foundation in Psychology came at 
Gulf Park. 

Hulon, Texas Tech, Lubbock, Tex- 
as. Martha is a member of Delta 
Gamma Sorority. She visited Gulf 
Park in April. Martha's home ad- 
dess is 3301 Fannin, Midland, Tex- 

DAPHNE MOORE, '67: 69 Curlew 

Road, Lantana, Florida 33462. 

Daphne is working as a nurse's 
aide in Bethesda Hospital. 

30195, TCU, Fort Worth Texas. 
Pam is a member of the /eta Tau 
Alpha Sorority at Texas Christian 


Stuart Eads j, and Peggy 5, chil- 
dren of Mr. and Mrs. Durant Cle- 
ments (Judy Eads, '§6), 7856 Chat- 
tington, Dallas, Texas 75240. 

NANCY REED, '67: 919 East 
Hunter, Bloomington, Indiana 
47401. Nancy is a junior at Indiana 
University. Her sorority is Kappa 
Alpha Theta. She visited on cam- 
pus in April. 

REBECCA REVEL, '67: Mrs. John 
W. Belk, Jr., 112 Cabana Apts., 516 
East Glenn Avenue, Auburn, Ala- 
bama 36830. Rebecca is attending 
Auburn University. 

Lansdowne Drive, Lexington, Ken- 
tucky 40502. Frances is attending 
the University of Kentucky and is 
a member of Gamma Phi Beta 
Sorority. She is teaching horseback 

SARA SNEAD, '67: 7303 North 
Audubon Road, Indianapolis, Indi- 
ana 46203. Sarah is a junior at 
Indiana University, majoring in 
elementary education. 

LINDA SPARKS, '67: 82 West 
Southgate Avenue, Fort Thomas, 
Kentucky 41075. "Sparkie" is work- 
ing for a loan company. She visited 
the GP campus one weekend during 
October and again in the spring. 

Paul R. Pulliam, 124 South Oak, 
Maroa, Illinois. The Pulliams have 
a son, Paul Jeffry (P. J.). Paul 
was recently discharged from the 
Navy, and he will enter college in 
the fall. 

NANCY WELLS, '67: 826 South 
Fairfax, Alexandria, Virginia 22314. 

(Betty Bailey '65) 

181J South Grant, South Bend, 
Ind., received her B. A. Degree from 
Dominican College, New Orleans. 
Since last semester she has been an 
associate librarian at Notre Dame 
University where her husband is 
studying toward a doctorate in bio- 
ology zoology. 

CHERYL WISE, '67: 11914 Otter 
Creek Road, Nashville, Tennessee 
37220. Cheryl is employed at Love- 
man's Department Store in the 
Belle Meade Plaza. 

ANNE BARR, 1966-67, was mar- 
ried to Lt. Ronald Foster of Fort 
Walton Beach, Florida, at the First 
Methodist Church in Eufaula, Ala- 
bama, on September 1, 1967. MARY 
ELLEN WHITE, '67, was a brides- 
maid. CATHY CONNOR, 1966-67, 
served at the bride's book. The 
couple resides at Valparaiso, Flor- 
ida, where the groom is stationed 
with the U. S. Air Force. 

was married to Mr. David George 
Sodergren on Saturday, the tenth 
of February, 1968, at four o'clock 
in the afternoon in the First Bap- 
tist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi. 
Following the ceremony, a recep- 
tion was held in the Fellowship 
Hall of the church. 

SUSAN WRIGHT, 1966-67: 3731 
North Sharon Amity Road, Char- 
lotte, North Carolina. Susan is a 
secretary to the credit specialist at 
Belk Stores Services, Inc. While 
was visiting Susan this past sum- 
mer, they attended the "Miss 
North Carolina" pageant in which 
was participating. 

Lester Lautenschlager, 1 Audu- 
bon Place, New Orleans, Louisi- 
ana 70118. Lizette's husband is 
an attorney and a "dollar-a-year" 
director for the New Orleans 
Recreation Department. The Lau- 
tenschlagers have two children 
and eight grandchildren. 

GRACE McCUEN, 1923-25: Mrs. 
Stanley Irvine, 2805 Royal Drive, 
Kilgore, Texas 75662. 

25: Mrs. Willard Creason, 110 
Kenwood Place, Hot Springs, Ar- 
kansas 71901. 

28: Mrs. Warren K. Gaillard, 5702 
Apache Road, Louisville, Kentucky 

ETHEL BRAUN, 1926-27: Mrs. 
Herbert Edward Brushe, "The St. 
Regis," 2167 Poplar Avenue, Mem- 
phis, Tennessee 38104. Ethel's 
husband is executive salesmanag- 
er for Consolidated Chemical Com- 
pany. The Brushes have a daugh- 
ter and two grandsons. 

30: Mrs. A. B. Hitchcock, 6101 
North Tuxedo Street, Chicago, 
Illinois. Catherine's husband is 
an engineer with Western Electric 
Company. Their daughter was 
graduated from Kalamazoo Col- 
lege, Kalamazoo, Michigan. 


MARION PUGH, '27: Mrs. Mari- 
on Pugh Rutledge, 3710 Oak 
Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78209. 

Mrs. John T. Charbonnet, 2 Ver- 
sailles Boulevard, New Orleans, 
Louisiana. John is a civil lawyer. 
The couple has three children — 
one son has his MA Degree in En. 
gineering; the other son has a 
LL.B Degree; and their daughter 
is attending Tulane-Newcomb, 
where she is a member of Pi Phi 

CAROLINA NASH, '30: Mrs. Jul- 
ius L. Bergfield, 520 East Third 
Street, Tyler, Texas. 

ANNE TRULOCK, '30: Mrs. 
Ewing R. Taylor, Jr., Box 586, 
Aspen, Colorado 81611. 

Glover Wilkins, Jr., Pleasant 
Ridge Circle, Columbus, Missis- 
sippi 39701. 

MARTHA NEWTON, 1931-32: 
Mrs. J. Palmer Crawford, 1451 
Woodslea Drive, Flint, Michigan. 
Palmer is an investment broker 
with Francis I. DuPont. The 
Crawfords have two children. 
Martha is interested in receiving 
the address of BETTY BASSETT, 
'33 (Mrs. Ben A. Mason, Jr.) but 
we do not have it in the alumnae 

VIRGINIA SMITH, 1931-32; Mrs. 
Channing F. Lilly, Jr., 44 Jersey 
Street, Denver, Colorado 80220. 
Virginia's husband is retired. The 
couple has two sons. 

Thomas J. Morrison, 1267 South 
Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, 
Florida 33146. The Morrisons have 
two married children. 

FRANCES WYATT, 1933-35, ex- 
pired on May 16, 1966, from a 
heart ailment. 

LOUISE BAKER, 1934-35: Mrs. 
J. H. Byrd, 107 Webster, Winona, 
Mississippi 38967. Louise has a 
new granddaughter. 

Mrs. R. E. Greaves. (We do not 
have her address.) 

36: Mrs. W. Murdock Martin, 
Route 7, Box 625, Tallahassee, 
Florida. Etta's husband is director 
of the Florida Council for the 
Blind. Etta is teaching music and 
attending graduate school at Flor- 
ida State University. The couple 
has four daughters and one 
grandson. They own and operate 
a small cattle farm. 

FELICIE JUNG, '36: Mrs. Paul 
Frueger. (We do not have her ad- 

HELEN McWANE, '36: Mrs. 
Thomas Tillett Allison, Jr., 3823 
Forest Glen Drive, Birmingham, 

1804 Duggleby Street, Davenport, 
Iowa 52803. Marion is a member 
of the Board of Directors of Lend- 
a-Hand Women's Residence Hall 
and is a past president of the 
Museum Guild in Davenport. 

Richard F. Lewis, Box 422, Span- 
ish Fort, Alabama 36527. 

MAY ANNA DUNCAN, 1937-38: 
Mrs. Carl T. Anderson, 3408 Glen- 
wood, Wichita Falls, Texas 76308. 
Carl is an independent geologist. 
The couple has three daughters. 

Mrs. Edward Hodgson, 624 North 
Bailey, Fort Worth, Texas 76107. 
Flying has been a way of life 
for both Marion and Ned. Both 
were pilots during World War II. 
Marion was with the Women's 
Air Force Service Pilots, and she 
continued to fly until the war in 
Europe was over. She took off 
her wings, married a Marine pi- 
lot, and tied on an apron. She 
has completed a cookbook de- 
signed for college students living 
in off-campus apartments and 
cooking on their own. The recipes 
are quick, practical dishes that 
anyone can use. The Hodgsons 
have three children — Sheldon 19, 
who is a sophomore at Texas Tech 
in Lubbock and who is putting his 
mother's cookbook to good use; 
Marjorie 16, who like her older 
brother has done much flying; and 
John 6, who did his "soloing" on 
skis this past Christmas. 

MARY JANE SISK, 1937-38: Mrs. 
Shelton E. Breeden, 2716 Oak 
Drive, Bay City, Texas 77414. 

NANCY WALKER, 1937-38: Mrs. 
William E. Stone, 31 Somerset 
Road, Lexington, Massachusetts 
02173. Nancy's husband is a child 
psychiatrist and is director of a 
community mental health center. 
Nancy has her MD Degree and 
did residency in Pediatrics and 
Psychiatry at Charity Hospital in 
New Orleans, was clinical instruc- 
tor at LSU School of Medicine, 
and had a private practice of Psy- 
chiatry in New Orleans and in 
Massachusetts. With an office in 
her home, she is able to care for 
a limited number of patients and 
have sufficient time and energy 
for the busy schedule of a house- 
wife and mother. The couple has 
two boys — Nick and Kevin. 

Mrs. Laurence L. Arnold, 405 East 
Monroe Street, Olney, Illinois. 
Gretchen's husband is a Harvard 
Law School graduate, an ex-FBI 
agfent, served as county judge 

twelve years, and now practices 
law in Olney. The Arnolds have 
three children — two daughters 
and a son. 

Mrs. C. E. Mikronis, 2572 Tulip 
Street, Sarasota, Florida 33579. 
Winnie's husband is executive 
vice-president of Hydraulic Man- 
ufacturing Company. The couple 
has three sons, one of whom is a 
Marine who served in Vietnam. 

Mrs. Edmund J. Goscin, 7620 Fall- 
meadow Lane, Dallas, Texas 75240. 

Mrs. Howard F. Smith, 116 Stout 
Avenue, Versailles, Kentucky 
40383. Howard is executive vice- 
president and general manager of 
Bradshaw-Diebl Department Store 
in Huntington, West Virginia. The 
couple has three children. 

LILLIAN CLARK, '40: Mrs. Wil- 
liam C. Brock, West 9th Street, 
Russellville, Kentucky. Lillian has 
two sons. 

Mrs. Cecil Robert Hoick, 1535 
West 20, Merced, California 95344. 
Gertrude is enrolled in a course 
at a junior college in Merced. Her 
husband is an insurance agent. 
The family, including their son, 
are all sports car enthusiasts. 

SHIRLEY LAY, '40: Mrs. Robert 
S. Quimby, 806 Glenhaven Ave- 
nue, East Lansing, Michigan 
48823. Shirley's husband is a pro- 
fessor at Michigan State Uni- 

Mrs. J. D. Buffett, Jr., 4623 North 
Sunset Drive, Mobile, Alabama. 
The Buffets have three children 
— a son and two daughters. 

John P. Blair, 970 - 21st Street, 
Beaumont, Texas. The Blairs have 
two children — Philip 17 and Su- 
san 13. 

LOIS ALTON, 1938-40: Mrs. 
George M. Petty, 6025 West 89th 
Terrace, Overland Park, Kansas. 

Mrs. W. N. Donachy, 6532 East 
58th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
Saranette's husband is a sales 
engineer with American Meter 
Company. The couple has two 
sons — William 13 and Jeff 11. 

Mrs. E. B. Yale, 418 Rose Circle, 
Tyler, Texas. 

GRACLYNN RICE, 1940-41: Mrs. 
J. Alford Rider, 10 Charles-Dean 
Road, Mill Valley, California. The 
Riders have been married for 
twenty-five years. Graclynn's hus- 
band is a doctor of medicine. The 
Riders have two sons — Charles 
19 and Dean 16. 


r * 1 

r v JJ 


\ ■ V 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Aamodt 
(Mary Charles Lyle Stable), 1960- 
62, 6920 54th Avenue North, Crys- 
tal, Minnesota 55428. 

THEO B. CLARKE, '42: Mrs. 
James L. Christian, 210 South 
Bluff Boulevard, Clinton, Iowa 
52732. The Christians have three 
children — Clarke, a college stu- 
dent, and two girls, Sarah 13 and 
Frances 10. 

Watts R. Webb, 3500 Euclid Ave- 
nue, Dallas, Texas 75205. Dr. 
Webb is on the faculty of the Un- 
iversity of Texas, Southwestern 
Medical School in Dallas, as head 
of the division of Thoracic Sur- 
gery. Frances paints, sews, and 
works with plastics and glass in 
her spare time. The Webbs have 
four sons — two college students 
and two high school students. 

Mrs. Leonard J. Lewis, Jr., 750 
South Oakland, Webb City, Mis- 

MARY LOU LEIST, 1941-42: Mrs. 
John R. Bowen, 240 Lake, Lan- 
caster, Ohio. John is an insurance 
agent. The Bowens have three 
children — Carol 19, Bruce 16, 
and Brent 9. 

Mrs. James B. Ivers, 3895 Wheat, 
Beaumont, Texas. The Ivers' a- 
dopted son, Richard Henry Ivers, 
II, who is a high school senior, 
has been nominated as one of the 
two candidates from Beaumont 
High School for "Outstanding 
Teenager of America." This child 

Paula Tiller, '64, was the June 
bride of Joseph M. Biddinger. 

was adopted by Dr. and Mrs. 
Ivers in 1963 when he became or- 
phaned. He is a nephew of Dr. 

JEAN HURLEY, '43: Mrs. New- 
bern Chambers, Route 6, Box 52, 
North Little Rock, Arkansas 
72118. The couple has two girls. 

Mrs. Worth A. Zachary, 902 S. W. 
4th, Marietta, Oklahoma. Worth 
is president of the First National 
Bank, and Mary Helen serves as 
vice-president. The Zacharys have 
two children — Janiee Lynn 17 
and Vic Allen 16. 

George L. Smith, 616 South Sweet- 
briar, Chattanooga, Tennessee. 
George is chief land buyer for 
the Tennessee Valley Authority. 
The Smiths' son, Jack 20, is a 
sophomore at Cleveland, Tennes- 
see Junior College. 

BARBARA REED, 1942-43: Mrs. 
Joseph B. Kyle, Jr., 13200 S. W. 
69th Court, Miami, Florida 33156. 
Joe is director of materials at 
Aircraft Plating, Inc. The Kyles 
have two children — Joe, III, and 

Mrs. Robert B. Lee, 1950 Driskill, 
Beaumont, Texas. The Lees have 
two sons — one at TCU and the 
older son married in January, 

Edwin Davis, Jr., 3202 - 40th 
Street, Lubbock, Texas 79413. Ed- 
win is a surgeon. On a return trip 
from visiting her family in Geor- 

gia, Martha and the children, 
Marty 17 and Sharon 8, visited 
Gulf Park in the spring. 

MADGE JOHNS, '45: Mrs. Lind- 
sey Russell Douglas, Jr., 93 East 
Orchard Avenue, Lebanon, Ohio. 
Madge's husband is district mana- 
ger of Ashland Oil Company. 
There are three children in the 
family — Lindsey, III, 17, Tay- 
lor Johns 15, and Nancy 5. 

JEAN MARTENS, '45: Mrs. Jean 
Martens Voss, 559 Via Rueda, 
Santa Barbara, California. Jean 
has five children. She is working 
in the local sheriff's office as a 
radio dispatcher. She hopes to at- 
tend graduate school at UCSB. 

Carson Pryor, Treasure Hunt 
Ranch, Wheelock, Texas. Carson 
is a stockbroker with A. G. Ed- 
wards & Sons, Bryan, Texas. Ad- 
rienne is in real estate sales, farm 
and ranch. The Pryors live on and 
operate a ranch twenty miles from 
Bryan, raising cattle and horses. 
There are three children in the 

Mrs. J. B. Brehmer, 2902 South 
Twyckenham Drive, South Bend, 
Indiana 46614. Jack is associated 
with the South Bend Foundry 
Company. The Brehmers have four 
children. They visited Gulf Park 
in May. 

FRANCES CORN, 1945-46: Mrs. 
Frances Magee, 2029 Cawood 
Drive, Cleveland, Tennessee. 
"Taddy" is a secretary with the 
Manufacturers' Soap and Chemical 
Company. She has two children 
— William 17 and Anne 15. 

NELL HARRIS, 1945-46: Mrs. W. 
M. Robbins, Jr., 205 Riverside 
Drive, Greenwood, Mississippi 
38930. Nell and Mr. Robbins were 
married on August 31, 1967. Nell 
has a daughter, Melinda 17. 

Mrs. Lawrence E. LeMar, 2180 
Camden Court, White Bear Lake, 
Minnesota 55110. Lawrence is a 
radiation chemist. The LeMars 
have two children — Emily 14 
and Bruce 10. 

JANIS HAYS, '47: Mrs. Alphonse 
H. Meyer, Jr., 79 West Galloway 
Drive, Memphis, Tennessee 38111. 
Janis and her husband, who is a 
doctor, flew to Europe on the 30th 
of May and returned to the States 
on July 1. Janis' oldest son, 
James, is studying in France this 
summer. The Meyers have three 
sons — - James 16, Gregory 7, and 
Andrew 4. 

SARAH PEARCE, '47: Mrs. Sid- 
ney Jewell W'atters, Jr., ^8z5 La- 
fayette Lane, College Park, Geor- 
gia 30033. Sid is plant engineer 
with the Ford Company. The 


couple has two sons 
17 and Ben 16. 

Sid, III, 

MILDRED BELL, 1946-47: Mrs. 
Mildred B. Carnes, 1940 Thomas 
Road, Beaumont, Texas 77706. 
Mildred has six children, ranging 
in age from 17 to 5. She works as 
a therapist at the Remedial Clinic. 

Mrs. Charles J. Supple, 1523 Rojo 
Circle, Palm Springs, California 
92262. The Supples have four 
children — two daughters and 
two sons. 

BETTY JANE SIMS, 1946-47: 
Mrs. O. C. Beasley. 30 Ashwood 
Drive, Iowa City, Iowa 52240. Dr. 
Beasley is a doctor of internal 
medicine. The Beasleys have four 
girls and one boy. 

Mrs. Robert S. Rothe, 2708 N. W. 
112th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
73120. Robert is vice-president 
and assistant manager of Pepsi 
Cola Bottling Company. The 
Rothes have four children — Bar- 
bara 16, Sandford 12, Robert 9, 
and Jane 5. 

NANCY BREWER, '48: Mrs. 
Richard M. Womack, 3656 Oakdale 
Road, Birmingham, Alabama 
35223. Meeting AMY STRONG, 
'68 May Queen, brought back 
many happy memories for Nancy, 
the May Queen of 1948. The Wo- 
macks will be moving to Nash- 
ville during the summer. 

SARA FLOYD, '48: Mrs. W. J. 
Flippin, 290 Baird Street, Milan, 
Tennessee 38358. Bill is an attor- 
ney. The Flippins have three sons 

— Bill 13, Floyd 10, and Hous- 
ton 8. 

VIRGINIA PATE. '48: Mrs. Less- 
lie W. Lee, 146 Ridgeside Road, 
Chattanooga, Tennessee 38358. 
Lesslie is vice president of Clift- 
Smith Company and president of 
Lesco Rental Agency. The Lees 
have two children — Pat 17 and 
Les 10. 

Mrs. David J. Kerr, 4815 Nash- 
wood Lane, Dallas, Texas 75234. 
David is a "Million Dollar Round 
Table Producer'' with Mutual of 
New York Life Insurance Compa- 
ny. The Kerrs have two daughters 

— Karen 14 and Diane 12. All of 
the family are active in church, 
school, and community affairs; 
and all four are season ticket 
holders for the Dallas Cowboys' 
professional football games. 

EONE VEAZEY, '48: Mrs. Perrin 
Caldwell, 406 Strayhorn, Sena- 
tobia, Mississippi. Last summer 
Perrin won an insurance adver- 
tising contest, and the family 
spent two weeks visiting the 
Montreal Exposition. The Cald- 
wells have two children — Per- 
rin Jr. 7 and Thurmond 4. 

BETTY ANDREWS, 1947-48: Mrs. 
Allen Rogers, 1301 Plantation, 
Crockett, Texas. Allen owns and 
manages a shoe store in Crockett. 
The Ropers are golf enthusiasts, 
do church and civic work, and en- 
joy their family, consisting of 
two boys — ages 9 and 13. 

RACHEL EASLEY, 1947-48: Mrs. 
Joe W. Richards, 1729 Holston 
Drive, Bristol, Tennessee. 

NAN MORRIS, 1946-48: Mrs. C. 
M. Asters, 1712 Rogers Drive, 
Tupelo, Mississippi. Nan's hus- 
band is head of the food service 
at the medical center in Tupelo 
and owns a laundry. There are 
three boys in the family — Mich- 
ael 8, Wes 6, and Jay 5. 

ANN AKIN, '49: Mrs. Joe Ivy 
Cillespie, 749 Lancaster Road, 
Augusta, Georgia 30904. Joe is an 
ear, nose, and throat specialist. 
The Gillespies have two children 
— Joe, Jr. 11 and Jane 6. 

ANN BARRETT, '49: Mrs. Joe 
M. Hancock, 14 Poplar Circle, 
Gulfport, Mississippi 39501. 

John C. Tomlinson, 1609 Hen- 
Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40222. 
John finished 'his internship at 
Henry Ford Foundation Hospital 
in Detroit in June, and the fam- 
ily moved to Louisville, where 
John is practicing Cardiology. 
The Tomlinsons have four chil- 
dren — John Jr. 15, Ginger 13, 
Scott 11, and Susan 7. 

H. B. Henley, Route 2, Hazelhurst, 
Mississippi 39083. Rebecca's hus- 
band is an attorney. The Henleys 
have six boys, ranging in age 
from fifteen to five. 

'49: Mrs. James C. Wilson, 1084 
Dearing Road, Memphis, Tennes- 

49: Mrs. Ray Roberson, Route 1, 
Phillip, Mississippi. Ray is a 
planter. There are three children 
in the family — John 14, Gay 12, 
and Bryan 9. 

Mrs. Bennie G. Williams, 708 Col- 
lins Street, Houma, Louisiana. 

BARBARA HARE, 1948-49: Mrs. 
Thomas Fredrick Young, Sr., 402 
Halliam Road, Alexander City, 
Alabama. Barbara's husband is a 
district attorney. The Youngs have 
three children. 

ELAINE LYLE 1948-49: Mrs. 
Hugh Rayner, 2707 - 33rd Street, 
Meridian, Mississippi 39301. 
Elaine's husband is a doctor. The 
Rayners have two daughters — 
Diane 16 and Suzette 12. 

Robert Eugene Argo, Jr., 130 
Greenbrier Road, Athens, Georgia 
30601. Jeane's husband is in the 
insurance business. The Argos 
have three daughters — Mimi 8, 
Amy 4, and Martha 1. 

JEAN YOUNG, '50: Mrs. Martin 
Moseley, 1818 Riverview Drive, 
Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Martin 
is associated with the Pure Milk 
Company. The couple has two 
boys — Marty 11 and Bill 8. 
While attending' a party this past 
fall, Jean chatted with a former 
GP classmate — JEAN FOSTER, 
'49, who is now Mrs. John Mit- 
chell Grissim, 6151 liillsboro Road, 
Nashville, Tennessee. 

Mrs. George Dulin, 129 Moore, It- 
ta Bena, Mississippi 38941. George 
is an attorney. The Dulins have a 
daughter, Adele 3. 

NANCY MARTIN, 1948-50: Mrs. 
James R. Farrell, 1011 East Julia 
Drive, Perry, Florida 32347. James 
is a forestry engineer, and Nancy 
has a secretarial position. They 
like the outdoor living. There are 
two teenagers in the family. 

HELEN DALY, '51: Mrs. Craig 
Earl Davis, 1777 North Staunton 
Drive, Fairfield, Ohio 45014. 
Helen's husband is development 
manager with RCA in Cincinnati. 
The couple has two children — 
Mike 14 and Marjorie 10. 

Richard I. Locke, 5 Evergreen 
Street, RFD 1, Duxbury, Massa- 
chusetts 02332. Richard is branch 
manager of South Shore National 
Bank in Quincy. The Lockes have 
five children. 

ANNE SINGER, '51: Mrs. Robert 
S. Pierre, 1789 Hastings Mill 
Road, Bridgeville, Pennsylvania 
15017. Anne's husband is vice- 
president and heads the Trust De- 
partment of Western Pennsylvan- 
ia National Bank in Pittsburgh. 
The couple has a daughter, Ba- 
bette 7J. 

AMY YATES, '51: Mrs. Ed Whit- 
ten, Box 695, Hernando, Missis- 
sippi. Ann is guidance counselor 
at Olive Branch High School. In 
the spring she took the Honor 
Society on a trip to Washington, 
D. C. Ed is an attorney. The 
Whittens have a son, Ed., Jr. 14. 

NANCY CARMAN, 1950-51: Mrs. 
Clarence Mayberry, 1301 Karen, 
Pryor, Oklahoma 74351. 

LEE COLSON, 1950-51: Mrs. Ben- 
jamin L. Baker, 4713 Shoalwood, 
Austin, Texas. Lee has two sons 
by a former marriage — Jona- 
than 9 and Bobby 6. Her husband 
is a tecnnical representative for 
Texas Instruments, so the family 
has been "on the move" fre- 


(Victoria Fry, '64) 

The Coopers were married on Sat- 
urday, December 23, 1967, in the 
Broad Ripple Methodist Church in 
Indianapolis. Stull King McKay, '64, 
of Charlotte, North Carolina, was 
among the bridesmaids; and Nancy 
Locfe Remley, '63, and her husband 
drove down from Michigan to attend 
the wedding. The couple is now at 
home at 4920 LeMans Drive, Apt. T-3, 
Indianapolis, Indiana. Vic\i is teach- 
ing first grade while her husband is 
attending Indiana University Medical 


1 :S" 





President William T. Sadler was 
in the greater Kansas City area 
on May 2 and 3, visiting with pros- 
pective students and acquainting 
himself with schools in the area. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Steenhof 
(Jerry Clark, '45) entertained 
families and patrons of Gulf Park 
College at an informal reception 
honoring President Sadler. Assist- 
ing Mrs. Steenhef as hostesses 
were Miss Georganne Oliver, Mrs. 
Charles E. Bleakley (Jeanne For- 
ney), and Mrs. Max Koerner 
(Frances Morris), all alumnae of 
Gulf Park. Parents of students at 
Gulf Park in 1967-68 were among 
the guests; also students who are 
to attend Gulf Park in 1968-69. In 
the pictures (top t» bottom) are 
Mrs. Leon A. Triggs and Mrs. 
Claude D. Kelley, greeted by 
Frances Morris Koerner; President 
Sadler with Jeanne Forney Bleak- 
ley and her daughter, Dana, who 
will be graduated from Barstow's 
in 1969; Gayle Maurin, Jana 
Prugh, Laura Aseplin, and Lee 
Callahan (Gayle, Jana, and Laura 
will enter Gulf Park in Septem- 
ber) ; and at the bottom, fathers 
from the group — Alvin Steenhof, 
Leon A. Triggs, Jr., Ralph L. As- 
pelin, and Byren E. Prugh. 

The Steenhofs' daughter, Cinda, 
was graduated from Gulf Park in 
1966. Mrs. Steenhof has been active 
for Gulf Park in the Kansas City 
area and throughout the midwest 
since her own graduation in 1945. 


Alumnae News Cont.) 

51: Mrs. Charles W. Wright, 9610 
Sandra Lane, Hopkins, Minnesota 

JANE MAINOUS, 1950-51: Mrs. 
William F. James, 4901 Watter- 
son Trail South, Fern Creek, Ken- 

51: Mrs. Dwight Watkins, 267 
Tucker Drive, Worthington, Ohio 
43085. Dwight is president of the 
Watkins Printing Company. The 
family, consisting of three chil- 
dren, vacationed this past fall at 
Freeport, Grand Bahama Isle. 
They have recently moved into a 
new house. 

ANN MORRISON, 1950-51: Mrs. 
Geire L. Coopwood, Shelby, Mis- 
sissippi. Gene is a dentist. The 
Coopwoods have three children — 
Elizabeth Ellen 14. John Scott 6, 
and Candace 4 months. 

Mrs. William Choate, 617 Rose- 
view Drive, New Albany, Indiana. 

Mrs. Thomas S. Simms, 1928 
Northwest 56, Oklahoma City, 
Oklahoma 73118. 

1951-52: Mrs. Roger Brashier, 
Highway 92-E, Indianola, Missis- 
sippi 38753. Bette's husband is a 
planter. The Brashiers have three 
children — Betsy 11, Barbara 9, 
and John Rodgers 5. 

Mrs. Fred C. DeLong, Jr., 285 
Primrose Drive, Greenville, Mis- 
sissippi 38701. 

ANNE HEWITT. 1950-52: Mrs. 
Morris Castle, 113 Glenview Drive, 
Carbondale, Illinois. Morris is in 
the insurance and automobile 
business. The Castles have two 
children — Karen 4 and Tom 3. 

Mrs. Lee Bowen, 1 Fernbank Ave- 
nue, Delmar, New York. Lee is 
associated with the Ryder Trans- 
portation Company. The Bowens 
have three children — Bonnie Sue 
15, Don 12, and Elizabeth Anne 3. 

PAULA MORRIS, 1951-52: Mrs. 
Ben Shepherd, Jr., Box 254, In- 
dianola, Mississippi. Ben is associ- 
ated with the A&P Tea Com- 
pany. The Shepherds have four 
children — John 14, Honey 12, 
Scott 10, and Jill 2. 

Mrs. George Fitzner, 1726 Pleas- 
ant Ridge Circle, Columbus, Mis- 
sissippi. George owns the Pontiac 
agency in the city. The Fitzners 
have three children — Scott 8, 
Martha 6, and Julie 4. 

CAROLYN WHITE, 1951-52: Mrs. 
James F. Delaney, 412 Ware Ave- 
nue, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois 
62225. Carolyn's husband is a ca- 
reer Air Force officer. They find 
the life most enjoyable and like 
to take advantage of all of the 
sightseeing, entertainment, and 
activities offered wherever they 
are stationed. The couple has two 
children — Jimmy 11 and Patri- 
cia 8. 

TERRY ALLEN, '53: Mrs. Philip 
Carl Landeck (We do not have 
Terry's address.) 

Charles May, 1143 Harvard Drive, 
Holland, Michigan 49423. The 
Mays have two children — Chris 
7 and Sara Ann six months. 

Walter W. Hair, 1402 Promon- 
tory Road, Boise, Idaho. 

ANN RICHARDS, '53: Mrs. Ann 
Richards Quinn, 1601 Sunset Ter- 
race, Fort Worth, Texas. Ann has 
been selected to appear in the 

1967 edition of "Outstanding 
Young Women of America," an 
annual biographical compilation 
of 6,000 outstanding women be- 
tween the ages of 21 and 35. Ann 
is Personnel Director at Nieman- 

Mrs. Bobby Thompson, Grenada, 
Mississippi. Bobby owns the Rex- 
all drug store in Grenada; and 
Kay works part-time at the Em- 
ployment Agency. The Thomp- 
sons have four children — Sarah 
Louise 10, Marianne 8, Robert 5, 
and Henry 2. 

53: Mrs. William P. Partenheimer, 
III, 1911 Ashwood Avenue, Nash- 
ville, Tennessee 37212. Carolynn's 
husband is an accountant with the 
Board of World Missions, Presby- 
terian Church US. The couple has 
two children — Nancy 9 and Will 

53: Mrs. James Ross Griffing, 
7809 England Drive, Shawnee 
Mission, Kansas 66204. Glenda's 
husband is a group manager for 
an insurance company. Glenda is 
manager of Personal Service De- 
partment of Hall's, a division of 
Hallmark Cards, in Kansas City. 
Her department consists of Bridal 
Registry and Personal Shopping 

Don Alexander, Plainview, Ne- 
braska. Don is employed at a fun- 
eral home and manages the Alex- 
ander Farms. Lea served as an 
elementary school principal this 
past year. The Alexanders' daugh- 
ter, Lori, is 11. 

David C. Kisling, c/o Mr. J. W. 
Kisling, Route 1, Box 282, Hul- 
bert, Oklahoma. 

VEDRA CROSSNO, '54: Mrs. B. 
G. Hines, 1041 East Eutrada 
Drive, La Habra, California 90631. 

JOAN GREER, '54: Mrs. Wayne 
Moore, 633 Oakview Drive, Cov- 
ington, Tennessee 38019. Wayne 
is associated with the Mobile Oil 
Company. The Moores have four 
children — Mike 8J, Beth 7, and 
Bill li. 

JEAN ZUMWALT, '54: Mrs. John 
Paul Daly, 700 Melrose Drive, 
Winter Park, Florida. The Dalys 
announce the arrival of their son, 
John Thomas, on April 10. 

ALICE McCALL, '54: Mrs. Fred 
L. Lawrence, Jr., 1301 Elizabeth 
Court, Anniston, Alabama. Fred is 
a certified public accountant. The 
Lawrences have three children — 
Mike 8J, Beth 7, and Bill 15. 

MARY K. PITMAN, '54: Mrs. 
Joseph F. Boyles, P. O. Box 672, 
Jackson, Alabama 36545. 



Mrs. Anne Shaver De Schepper, 
who was graduated from the high 
school division of Gulf Park in 
1958, has been included in the 1968 
edition of Outstanding Young 
Women of America. At Gulf Park, 
Anne was Chaplain of her sorority. 
Delta Alpha; Secretary of her 
class; Vice President of the Beta 
Club; a member of the Athletic 
Association, the Welcoming Com- 
mittee, Jet Maskers, the Remance 
Language Club, the Samover Club, 
the Sea Gull Staff, and the 
Y. W. C. A. 

At the University of Kentucky 
(1958-62), Anne was a member of 
Tri-Delta and of the Guignol The- 
ater Group. She served as chair- 
man of the UK Leadership Confer- 
ence and of the Panhellenic Style 
Show, and was a member of sever- 
al honorary groups — Cwens, 
Links and Mortor Board, Chi Delta 
Phi (literary) and Phi Beta Kappa. 
In 1962-63, she did odd jobs and 
was active in Junior League in 
Lexington. A part of her time was 
spent teaching kindergarten work 
in a local settlement house. In 
1963-64, as the recipient of a Wood- 
dow Wilson Fellowship, she at- 
tended Northwestern University, 
completing the Master of Arts De- 
gree in English in 1964. Since then 
she has taught at the Sayre School 
in Lexington and at Murray State 
University. Last year she was Di- 
rector of the Honors Program at 
the University of Kentucky, but 
returned to Murray State when she 
married. Her husband is a profes- 
sor of Art History there. 

In the summer of 1966, Anne 
was Head Tutor in the Upward 
Bound Program at the College of 
the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas; 
and last summer she taught in 
the same program at Murray 


(Jennifer Johnson, 1968) 

daughter of 

Dean and Mrs. R. L. Johnson, Sr. 

JO RILEY, '54: Mrs. Ed Bowden, 
P. 0. Box 13488, St. Petersburg, 

Mrs. Bobby D. Smith, 620 Church 
Street, Andalusia, Alabama. Bob- 
by is a Major in the USAF sta- 
tioned in Thailand. Joan and the 
children are staying with her 
brother while Bobby is gone. Leann 
is six and has just completed the 
1st grade; Matt, who was born in 
Germany, *is three. 

Thomas D. Weede, 1444 Lakeshore 
Drive, Menesha, Wisconsin 54952. 

Cam M. Steele, 1201 Sooner Drive, 
Fairview, Oklahoma 73737. 

NANCY SOUDER, '54: Mrs. 
Franklin Svatek, 3301 Robinhood 
Drive, Evansville, Indiana 47712. 
Nancy's husband is sales engineer 
and company pilot for Kent Plas- 
tics. The Svateks have two sons 
and a daughter. 

Lynwood G. Willis, 10411 Deer- 
wood Club Road, Jacksonville, 
Florida. Jane's husband is an 
architect. The couple has four 
daughters — Kathy 13, Linda 10, 
Julie 5, and Ashley 2. 

ALICE JANE HALE, 1953-54: 
Mrs. Lawrence McFarland, 7 Fair 
Oaks, Jackson, Tennessee 38303. 
The McFarlands recently opened a 
shop featuring interior decorations. 
The couple has a son, Randy 9. 

SANDRA WEBB, 1953-54: Mrs. 
James M. Wallace, P. O. Box 285, 
Gideon, Missouri. Sandra"s hus- 
band is a cotton planter. The Wal- 
laces have four children — James 
Murray, Jr. 11, Bryon 10, Rebecca 
5, and Sara Ellen 1. 

JUDY FADS, '56: Mrs. Durant F. 
Clements, 7823 Chattington, Dal- 
las, Texas. Judy has been busy 
with her work as a consultant for 
"Beauty by Mary Kay," a Dallas 
cosmetic firm. Durant is an at- 
torney in the firm of Clements- 
Kraus & Fiedler, located in the 
First Bank and Trust Building in 
Richardson. Judy and Durant have 
two children of their own; and 
Durant's daughter, Susan, a sen- 
ior in Richardson High School, 
completes their family. 

NAN NEBLETT, 1954-56: Mrs. 
Henry McGarrh, Merigold, Missis- 
sippi. Henry is a planter and sells 
insurance. The McGarrhs have 
two children — Kellie 7 and Ken 

Mrs. Robert T. Knight, Taylors- 
ville, Mississippi. Bob is the John 
Deere Farm Equipment dealer in 
Taylorsville. For the past two 
years, Dorothy has been teaching 
the first grade in a local element- 
ary school. The Knights have a 
daughter, Virginia Lucile, 6. 

JAN WOMACK, 1955-56: Mrs. 
Zeb Carson, 3214 Reed Drive, Apt. 
12, Corpus Christi, Texas 78404. 

BETTY EDGIL, '57, Mrs. Rich- 
ard Calvin Lee, Route 5, Box 
377-B, Decatur, Alabama 35601. 
Betty's husband is a pharmacist. 
The Lees have three children — 
Beth Ann 8, Sandra Jeanie 6, and 
Rebecca 2. The family recently 
moved into a new home. 


Harry Cardosi, 5932 Baird Street, 
Memphis, Tennessee. Harry is a 
representative for Bristol Pharma- 
ceutical Laboratories and owns his 
own company. The couple has two 
children — Leigh 6 and Gina 2. 

David Monroe, 6328 Barrie Road, 
Apt. 3-D, Bloomington, Minnesota 

Mrs. Gerald Braddock, 2002 High- 
land Place, Vicksburg, Mississippi 
39180. Gerald is an attorney. The 
Braddocks have a daughter, Schuy- 
ler 4. 

BEVERLY BELL, '58: Mrs. Rob- 
ert W. Achurch, Jr., Route 3, Box 
69-A, Annapolis, Maryland 21403. 
Beverly's husband is a computer 
system analyst in Washington, 
D. C. The Achurchs have three 
children — Robert 6, Anne 5, and 
James 2. 

SARA EASLEY. '58: Mrs. E. B. 
McKibben, 1540 Bluefield Drive, 
Florissant, Missouri. The family 
has returned to Missouri after 
living for ten months in southern 
California. Sara's husband was on 
a special assignment as procure- 
ment manager for McDonnell 
Douglas Corporation. The Mc- 
Kibbens have two children — 
Mark 7 and Kathryn 5. 

MARCIA JENCKS, '58: 1020 Og- 
den, Apt. 104, Colorado 80218. 

JANE RYAN, '58: Mrs. John D. 
Sebern, 64 Calle Cenizo, Browns- 
ville, Texas 78520. The Seberns 
have a daughter, Stacey Jill, born 
in August, 1967. 

JOAN TYLER, 1957-58: 101-R 
Gateway Drive, Springfield, Mas- 
sachusetts. Joan will earn her 
Master of Education Degree at 
Springfield College in Community 
Leadership and Development in 

KENDRA GRAHAM, 1957-58: 
Mrs. R. C. Boyd, 445 Sutton 
Street, North Andover, Massachu- 
setts 01845. Rudy is flying with 
American Airlines. The Boyds 
have a daughter, Kristin 1. 

DORIS WILSON, 1957-58: Mrs. 
Kenneth Kirkpatrick, c/o LCDR 
K. M. Kirkpatrick, Helicopter 
Combat Support Squadron 7, US 
Naval Air Station, Box 36, FPO 
San Francisco, California 96667. 


It has been necessary to hold 

over quite a number of news 

items for the next issue of TAM-